Student Information System

The best solution to automate management and multiply
the productivity of your institution.

Why Your Institution Needs GLOWSIMS

Admission Inquiries

Effectively manage admission and pre-admission processes to eliminate paper-induced traditional methods to manage admissions; easily track an admission form the very first interaction at the information desk to the final enrollment.


Student Data Management

Manage all the necessary aspects of student data, making it easier to access and reuse student information to improve the management and productivity of your institution.


Online Fee Payments

Get a wide range of online take-payment methods/ channels integrated in GLOWSIMS to diversify the fees-taking processes & improve the financial prospects of your istitution.


Attendance Management

Easily mark attendance of your students and staff in equally effective ways-- supported with a host of insightful attendance-related reports-- to better the numeric credentials of your institution.


Examination Management

Manage examination with a dynamic module to assist entering marks, remarks and grading academic achievements of students, at subject and batch level at the same time. Result cards and character certificates can be easily generated and shared with students.


Transport Management

Manage trasnport of your institution with a detailed and dynamic solution in GLOWSIMS. Transportation management includes reports and assist management to sharpen the financial analyses of your instituion.


Hostel Management

Manage hostels and residences associated with your institution to ehance the scope and efficiency of the management and economic outcomes of your school/ college.


Mobile App

Get ALIZA APP, an aynalytical assistant, to provide the owner with a keen analysis into the trends and patterns of progress of his instituion/ businesses.

Student Profile

Feed all the important information. Build Student profile. Access the profile with a click to know about all major credentials.

Document Management

Create a repository for your institution. Attach and save all the important documents you wish. Access and reuse them at your ease.

Dynamic Notifications

Get GLOWSIMS Notification Center. Choose the messenger. Get the access to built-in text patterns or write the messages.

Academics Lifecycle

Do not panic. Get your instituion GLOWSIMS. Automate the management of academic lifecyle. Let GLOWSIMS do the job for you.

Specialized Reporting

A dedicated part of GLOWSIMS. 550+ reports. Customization entertained. Generate insightful reports to improve the management.

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