EMS - Enterprise Management System

With the use of the Enterprise Management System, school campuses can be managed effectively from one central location. Whether the institute has 2 campuses or branches or 30, the Enterprise Management System will ensure all the data is integrated onto one platform in real-time so that the owners can make quick yet sustainable decisions regarding their institute.

Multi Campus Management

Multi-campus manage division of schools on academic level. If you have a school with 2 academics blocks, then this feature can help you manage resources more effectively.

Multi Business Integration

An educational institute with multiple branches in same or multiple cities across the country can use this features to inline the management and financial matters.

Head Office Management

An educational institute with central management use head office feature. It helps higher management manage tasks on upper level.

Royalty Management

In head office structure, royalty management feature is used to manage head office royalty fees.

Centralized Information Dashboard (Consolidated)

All the information that is being generated from admissions, inquiries, attendance for employees and students, and income expenses will be consolidated from all your campuses onto a central dashboard.

Centralized Financial Dashboard

Centralized Financial Dashboard

Areas that contain financial information, income, expenses, assets, liabilities, equity, profit & loss statement, and balance sheet would be combined and generated on one central dashboard.

Centralized Financial Analytics

Centralized Financial Analytics

An in-depth analysis of multiple sectors of your business where different financial metrics and targets are being used to analyze data and see which of your businesses are more profitable.

Users Audit & Control Management

A systematic and robust management tool given to the Head office to allocate, manage and monitor users based on their department, their needs and their responsibilities.

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