LMS - Learning Management System

Designed for teachers and students, Learning Management System is a digital platform that makes the phases of teaching, planning, and assessing learning more efficient and effective. It offers Teachers, Parents, and Students a platform that helps in the management of lesson plans, assignments, attendance, and grades.

Lesson Planning

Teachers can create weekly course plans covering the topics to be taught in each class and assignments or quizzes to be assigned for an organized teaching experience.

Content Management

The user can add, update, edit, and remove lesson content as per the need of the course at any time. This includes presentations, handouts, assignments, or any other study material.

Student Management

Students’ personal and academic information will be registered on the system. The user can keep track of student performance through report cards and update daily attendance.

Assignment Management

Subject teachers can create assignments for students to complete and submit online. The teachers can download them to evaluate and update the results for each student.


Teachers can update homework assignments and maintain an online diary on the portal for their students.

Assessment & Grading

GLOWSIMS allows teachers to assess students’ performance. Users can automatically set grading criteria to administer and grade timed and untimed tests and quizzes and generate report cards.

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