Qatar’s Journey To FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

From being a chunk of land surrounded by the Persian Gulf to being a country to host the most awaited event of the year, Qatar has made massive strides when it comes to the country’s development. With the leading contenders of host countries for the FIFA World Cup 2022 consisting of the USA, South Korea, Japan, and Australia, Qatar took the lead and was named the host in 2010. The Qatar bid was labeled as ‘High Risk’ over the country’s lack of existing infrastructure concerns and the sweltering heat of the summer season, the time of the year when the World Cup tournaments usually occur. However, Qatar spared no expense in preparing the country for this event.

The development project presented by the Qatari Government and FIFA was named one of the most Sustainable International Sports events ever organized. With solar-powered air conditioning systems in the new stadiums, a brand-new electric public transport network, and the world’s largest nurseries equipped with uncountable plants, Qatar has aimed to ensure the development and the tournament had minimal carbon footprint.

The over-the-top preparations of Qatar to host massive hoards of tourists have proven to be fruitful, as the small Middle Eastern country generated a crowd of 765 thousand tourists in the first 2 weeks of FIFA World Cup 2022 from all over the world. Qatar hasn’t stopped short when it comes to offering all those tourists the time of their life in the country by arranging countless events and festivals.

All the festivities are a first for Qatar and the people of the nation. They are witnessing history being made in their country, which is especially inspiring for the younger generation. Over the last 12 years, the youth saw the infrastructural landscape of Qatar being transformed into something spectacular to welcome the players and global football fans. Qatar, ahead of the FIFA World Cup 2022, provided students with invaluable opportunities for them to become involved in it and enjoy unique experiences and gain priceless skills, Youth Panel being one of them.

Every year, a new group of 14 to 21-year-olds were allowed to experience the preparations for the FIFA World Cup from the inside and all that was required to ensure the smooth delivery of each event. This unique opportunity allowed the youth of Qatar to gain insight into volunteerism and gain leadership skills that helped transform them into pioneering individuals. They were given exclusive access to leading experts, including engineers, architects, and everyone involved in creating the phenomenal foundation for the tournament. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Qatari students and they made the most of it, as shown in their in-depth documentation on social media, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 gave students an educational experience that let them be a part of the uncharted development of the nation. This volunteering opportunity allowed them exposure to a wide range of disciples and to gain communication, presentation, and other skills to complement their academic education.

Now, with the World Cup 2022 coming to a finale, we at GLOWSIMS hope for Qatar to rise to remarkable heights and keep providing its youth with similar wonderful opportunities and experiences they will cherish forever. We aim to play our part in the educational progress of the country and offer unparalleled technological solutions to every institute. Their futuristic approach and our technology is the recipe for exceptional educational posterity.

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