Playing a Part in Developing Children of Today into Leaders of Tomorrow

A universal day was set to commemorate the rights of every child by the United Nations on 20th November 1959. It was declared internationally in order to ensure every child goes through a nurturing childhood that helps in the development of an individual with remarkable potential. It documents the rights of children in depth and explains how children should have access to learning, personal development, and opportunities that assist them in becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

We have examples of various individuals, who despite the challenges they have been put through, have risen up to a position of leadership and influence, where they work hard to ensure children of today have a prominent voice in the world. 12-year-old Iqbal Masih was one of these individuals, as he worked to free more than 3000 children from enslavement and child labour so that they could pursue education, all while he was a young boy himself. “Children should have pens in their hands, not tools,” were his exact words when speaking about the children who were forcefully put through not just child labour but also bonded labour. Iqbal raised his voice on one of the most prominent issues faced in Pakistan and put in his all to help children in rural Punjab. He will always be an inspiration of strength and resilience for millions.

Hardships of uncountable children like Iqbal is the reason why children of today should be given the support, platform, and motivation to raise their voice and make a positive difference in the world. Hence, we are playing our part in engaging the children around us to ensure they don’t just learn but have fun while doing so.

On the occasion of Children’s Day, GLOWSIMS partnered up with Phela Qadam School in order to engage with children of various ages and free them from the stress of their studies and exams. Our team pulled together an event with the help of the teachers of Phela Qadam and organized a few hours of fun games and activities. This also included a session of narrating stories to the children in order to indulge them in quality literature. The objective of this event was to bring moments of happiness for the children and give them a chance to celebrate a day meant for them, and our team pulled it off spectacularly.  

We believe that with the efforts of every child activist in the world, we are moving towards a society that values its children and their education and development more than anything else, and as an organization, GLOWSIMS aspires to be leading this from the front line. 

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