Build a Better Educational Environment with Teacher Training
The lack of teacher training is affecting the youth of Pakistan.

With more than 1.4 million teachers in Pakistan, one would think the nation is thriving when it comes to providing unparalleled education to students. However, staggering statistics reveal that our education system lacks in more than one way. While private schools seem to be doing just fine, government-run schools are struggling to provide the youth with the quality education they deserve. The primary reason behind this is the lack of trained teachers in the education sector. About 58% of government school teachers are unaware of the national curriculum, and 41% don’t even hold a bachelor’s degree.

With just 16% of teachers in Pakistan holding an official Certificate of Teaching (CT), students are the ones suffering the consequences most out of anybody. The teachers’ lack of knowledge, skills, and relevant experience in the industry decreases the quality of education provided to each student. They may not be able to receive the support and level of education that a trained teacher may be more capable of providing them with, which can end up adversely affecting their academic performance. The overall development of the student can also be put into question since the lack of hands-on learning and consistency can limit their growth in more than one way.

Students in a classroom, studying and smiling.

Hence the notion of teacher training is extremely vital, especially for a country like Pakistan, where the development of the country relies on the future generation. So, it is up to the institutes to ensure that the teachers they have working for them never stop their own learning process and are constantly looking forward to the professional development they could experience. Teacher training would ensure that, in the long run, teachers have the skills and ability to create a cohesive learning environment that would benefit academics and extracurricular learning. 

Technology plays an essential role in this by providing a platform for teachers to access training sessions wherever they want. It reduces the requirement of having a physical location for the training and significantly lowers the cost schools and colleges may have to bear as well. Dedicated teacher training mobile apps and video conferencing are easy to adapt for both the teacher and the school, ensuring each and every teacher learns in the best way possible and passes on the same level of knowledge to the student as well.

GLOWSIMS, in partnership with East Education, developed a Teacher Certification Program (TCP) to allow teachers to access international standard training. It is specially developed for pre-primary and primary teachers to effectively assist students in the core years of their academic life. The app developed by GLOWSIMS streamlines the content for schools and colleges and provides teachers with a fun and fruitful learning experience. In the longer run, the goal of GLOWSIMS is to be able to transform the educational landscape and provide unparalleled learning opportunities to students across the globe.

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