A story of transforming educational management and learning space.

We passionately ventured to support and promote education by playing our part.

Our Story

Innovating Education Technologies Since 2013

December 2020
Overall customer count surpasses 500 schools & colleges.
August 2020
Launch of Glow MUALAM, A dedicated teacher mobile app to assist teacher for daily operations.
March 2020
Official launch of Glow LMS to keep the schools & colleges functional digitaly during the spread of a deadly virus.
February 2020
Launch of Glow ALIZA, A dedicated business assistant mobile app for school & college management to give the bird's eye view to the oweners.
December 2019
GlowSIMS overall customer count crosses 450 schools & colleges.
August 2019
Launch of a real-time employee & student attendance notification system.
March 2019
Official launch of G-Notify, A dedicated short code based SMS notifications service with 99.9% delivery rate.
January 2019
Official launch of G-Pay, Pakistan's first online fee collection system directly integrated with all leading banking channels and mobile wallets.
December 2018
GlowSIMS overall customer count crosses 350 schools & colleges.
August 2018
Deployment first private cloud-based school management software in the market.
May 2018
Launch of GlowSIMS Knowledgebase to ensure wonderfull customer service.
January 2018
Setup first customer service center to provide on-call and live chat.
December 2017
Shifted CodeSCHOOL customers to GlowSIMS and overall customer count cross 250+ schools & colleges.
October 2017
CodeSCHOOL re-branded as GlowSIMS and become Pakistan's first cloud-based school information management system.
February 2017
Development starts of CodeSCHOOL cloud-based version.
August 2016
CodeSCHOOL services expand to 11 districts of Punjab, Pakistan, with overall customer count reaching 200.
March 2016
Successful deployment of CodeSCHOOL in 150+ schools & colleges in Pakistan.
November 2015
CodeSCHOOL becomes able to communicate with biometric attendance machines of any type.
September 2015
CodeSCHOOL integration with SMS Gateway.
January 2015
In the first year of its launch, CodeSCHOOL deployed in more than 50 schools.
January 2014
Official launch of CodeSCHOOL, an offline school management product.
December 2013
Official launch of CodeHEX Solutions.