Business Management made Simple

Discover a seamless experience in Project Management

Multi Business

ALIZA APP helps you manage and monitor your business on your smartphone; it keeps you informed and enlightened about your businesses.

360° Control

It gives you a 360-control of your business, enabling you to take decisive decision timely to direct your business in the right direction.

Time Tracking

Offers you a deep analysis into the employees' performance and time utialization, enbaling you to take account of the time.

Analytical Reporting

A chief feature. Helps you analyse the performance & productivity of your business.

ALIZA Dashboard

Dashboard offers an all-encompassing overview of your business analystics. In one view, you would be informed about the daily status of your business.

Business Insights

AlIZA APP provides you with an isightful analysis of the progress your institution has made over a defined course of time. You would be able to your direct your istituion the productive direction and amend the wrongs.

Business Summary

Business summary would enable you to have an overall analysis of your business. You can easily track the progress-- having an overarching view of financial feats-- of your institution.

Student & Employee Profiles

Profiler-feature would help you have a complete view of the important credentials, transactions and achievements of any of the employee or student of your institution.

Atomate Managment Now

You can now enjoy the benefit of having a dedicated school management mobile app in your institution’s name that will communicate with the school ERP and stay connected with everyone.