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GLOW Information Management System offers an unlimited number of features to make your management efficient and learning effective.

Magnificent Modules to manage your institution

Ultimate School ERP Software for all kind of Institutes

Online Classes

To smoothly navigate COVID-like scenarios, GLOW helps you manage your online & blended learning models by integrating various video conferencing softwares such as ZOOM and Google Meet.

Paperless Admission

GLOW assists you to manage your admissions and pre-admissions with a complete system automating the process. It simplifies tracking new admissons and allows to allot classes, cources and batches to the finalized entrants.

Parents Collaboration

Manage the communication with parents and guardians of students to make the process of learning and development of pupils more effective & responsive.

Exam & Gradebook

Effortlessly conduct and reset the online examination. Enter and update the marks, customized report card and instantly share it with parents and students.

Timetable & Attendance

Easily mark the attendance & create an error-free timetable. Do classroom-allocation, subject-allocation to teachers. Generate insightful reports related to the students and the Staff as well.

Fees Management

Automatic fee collection, manage easily online fees paymnets with a system integrating multiple channels for depositing fees online. Imply fine on late fees, add instant discounts, and monitor fee defaulters.

Core Modules and Concrete Features

Access integrations and amazing features in a matter of seconds

Admission & Pre-Admissions
Automate the admission process and track easily pre-admissions
Inquiry Management
Manage efficiently your admission and other inquiries and track them seamlessly
Courses & Batches
Add new cources/ batches, assign them to teachers/ head-teachers ann enroll students easily
Subjects Management
Add new subjetcs, update those already added, and associate with them students & teachers.
Examination Management
Effectivley manage the process of examination, add/update numbers, remarks and grades easily and print required assessment reports and result cards
Student Assessment
Eaily assess students on the basis of their academic performance, extra curicular activities, and generate reports, result cards and other certificates.
Fee Management
Manage fees online payments with a set diverse fee channels integrations, easily apply discounts and manage advance take-payments.
Employee Management
Organise employees details, Manage Payroll and Attendance of employees
Payroll Management
Manage payroll easily and generate pay slips
Employee Attendance
Mark attendance of employees manually and with a thumb-based attendance system integration
Employee Leave Management
Effectively and dynamically manage full leaves, half leaves, paid leaves and unpaid leaves etc.
Finance Management
Manage efficeiently financial operations of your institution and generate insightful business reports
Bank and Cash Accounts
Handle easily bank transactions and your cash accounts to keep the financial track in chek
Exams Grade management
Manage examinations, mark grades, give remarks and generate result cards
Notification Center (SMS)
Send template-based targeted SMS and Shortcode-based alerts, and manage gnerals notifications as well
Reports Center
Generate 500+ reports related to business, students, attendance and assessment and much more
Business Configurations
Configure credentials of your business and integrate your multiple businesses
Transport Management System
Manage transport, their assest-value and generate reports
Hostel Management System
Manage hostel rooms, thier allotment process and track the process effectively
Student Profiles
Build student profiles easily and access and print them to track the record of a student easily
Employees Profiles
Manage profiles of employees effectviely and know about their record
Batch Profiles
Maintain batch profile and their assignment to teacher/ head-teachers
Multi Campus Integration
Integrate easily multiple campsuses of your institution
Student Information Management System
Track Data, Edit Profile and Manage alumni records
That's not all

Pro Modules (14)

Teachers Accounts
Teachers can maintain their accounts to manage their classes, subjects and assessment tasks.
Students Accounts
Students can analyse their academic performance and attendance through maintaining their accounts in GLOW-- to improve their academic credentials.
Teacher Timetable Manager
GLOWS enable teachers and batch heads to set professionally a feasible timetable which helps teachers conduct their class regularly, and students to not miss any.
Events & Calendar
GLOWSIMS allows admins and class heads to save events and see birthdays and holidays, which enables you to not miss any important day.
Reminders and alerts help you celebrate all the important events and accomplish your administrative tasks timely.
Subject base Student Attendance
Easily mark attendance, manually-- subject-based, batch-based
Business Summary
GLOW analytics gives you an insightful analysis of the academic and economic performance of your institution that empowers you to direct your institution in the right direction.
Payments & Receipts
Dynamic reports and customised receipts enable you to efficiently manage take-payments and other relevant tasks.
Assets management system
Glow provides you with an efficient asset management system, enabling you to keep a vigilant eye on the value of your assets and the need to add more.
Capital Accounts
GLOW has a super-analytical module for effective analysis of business capital with your partners to increase productivity.
Owners Mobile App (ALIZA)
AlIZA provides the owner with a professional and awe-inspiring analysis of their business to improve productivity and performance.
School Certificates Generator
GLOW offers a wide variety of school certificate templates, and it allows you to set your own certificate models according to your need.

Explore Pro Plus Features Below

Pro Plus Features (6)

Custom Reporting

One of the things that make GLOW the best ERP system is its flexibility and adaptability. The support team is insanely considerate of your custom needs. It helps you generate your custom reports.

Online Fee Payment

Glow integrates various payment gateways such as KuickPay to enable students and guardians to deposit payment digitally.

Parents Accounts

GLOW allows parents and guardians to monitor and maintain the academic performance of their children through keeping a check over their attendance, homework and grades.

Discipline management

Glow gives insightful analysis into the academic record and participatory performance of pupils so that discipline can be managed meticulously.

Fine Management

The GLOW ERP system provides a dynamic module of fee management which helps you apply fee discounts, fines and take advance payments.

Data Wallet

GLOW, simplifying your file keeping, allows you to upload official documents, certificates, data forms and much more to help reduce your paper-induced administration.